Expect more, dream more, never wake up from your dreams and choose even in the bad times to hold on to the vision of what you are creating. It’s official CEO, Destiny Janae, is back at it again, this time bigger, better, than ever! LLC incorporated! 

I’m Destiny Grigsby, CEO of @serenitysembrace I’m 30, mommy of 1 to Saniyah Kelis, who I absolutely adore. I’m a woman of many talents, community activist, PhD Student, I work a 9-5 by day, and hustle real hard “entrepreneur style” by night. I started my very own non-profit at the age of 26 called @ourplacehealinghearts which services battered women & children. I’m a firm believer that “I can do all things through Christ whom strengthen me.” Fun fact about me, dance use to be my world. I taught hip-hop & Jazz, and spent my college years on a professional dance team. When I found myself stressed, overwhelmed, and bombarded with life, dance was my peace, my natural medicine, my self-care to help me regroup and gain my positive thoughts.

Everyone’s story is different, and everyone’s story must be heard. In my life, I’ve greatly suffered from the long-term trauma of emotional and verbal abuse. I’ve endured extreme anxiety, which ultimately forced me to start taking a number of different prescription narcotics. Unfortunately, these medications only exacerbated my symptoms of abuse. Pain became so unbearable that I stopped taking them without the doctor’s consent This only led to even more serious anxiety, in the form of unbearable panic attacks. I called myself weak, I blamed myself for my trauma, and I lost all my self-worth. My persistent symptoms of abuse sadly consumed my day-to-day life.

Finally, in 2016, I decided to help myself, and in doing so, I began to help others. I participated in intense therapy for two years, completed eight weeks of life coaching, and finally understood what it meant to be broken. The most important lesson I learned about mental health is that not everything can be identified by science. A lab report can’t identify emotional trauma. A blood test can’t diagnose depression. A medication can’t immediately cure underlying mental struggles. Serenity's Embrace advocates for holistic healing, an approach that takes into consideration social, interpersonal, and natural tactics to hand you your life back. For 4 years now, I’ve been pursuing a holistic approach to coming to terms with anxiety.


Sit back, relax, and treat yourself with some Serenity’s Embrace. Here at Serenity’s Embrace our all natural soy candles provide a sense of relaxation that ties into peace, happiness, and self love. Our candles are scented strong top to bottom, clean burn, last long for 65-90 hours & burn evenly! They are  made with 100% natural soy wax, & healthier fragrances. A healthy and happy lifestyle will be all yours. 

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